Orion - bionic eyes for infrared vision (2 photos + video)

Second Sight Medical Productspresented a prototype of an implant that gives blind people any type of vision. For example, infrared vision still inaccessible to us. This technology is most relevant for the visually impaired.

In fact, a person is not fully implantedeye, and “adapter”: Orion optic-cortical prosthesis. It is connected to the part of the brain that processes visual data. The signals go to the implant with a microcamera placed on the earpiece. Here they are transformed and sent by electrical impulses to the brain.

Install the structure in less than a day. It will take a little longer to adapt. The brain will have to re-learn how to receive and process signals. At the same time, high resolution is unlikely to be provided. Realizing this, the developers focused on creating various removable camera modules that will transmit information about what is happening around.

Thanks to this invention, people with disabilities will be able to betternavigate in space. Determine day or night, where the sun shines from, how many people are nearby, where hot objects stand, etc.