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A couple of years ago I bought an HP Neverstop 1200w, I was looking for a device that combined a scanner and a printer, and in order to

worked over the network, even from a computer, even fromsmartphone. The difference from the usual laser printers was that there was no cartridge as such in the MFP, the photoconductor was separate, the toner tank was separate. The description of the purchase and the reasons for the choice was given in "Spikers", those who wish can read that text.

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How retail sales are falling in the world; the biggest drop in the Dow Jones; HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200w; sellers of MVideo; photo on S20 Ultra; SwatchPay!; new season of Altered Carbon

In March of this year, I was glad that the device had been working for almost two years and was doing its job perfectly, the toner had not run out.

And all of a sudden, a yellow light flashed on me,the toner has run out. This came as a kind of surprise to me, it was imprinted in my memory that the manufacturer promised 5000 pages as an initial resource. I was sure that the supply of toner would last for a long time, but there it was.


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There are less than 3000 printed countries, which is almosthalf as much as advertised. Every time I believe in the best from manufacturers and every time I forget about innocent tricks. For example, printer manufacturers count the number of pages assuming 5% of the page is filled with text. Any text that you print on an A4 page will take from 7 to 10%, I am silent about photographs, there is even more expense. It is clear that this is a celebration of marketing, but why not give real characteristics? And here is even a question for my colleagues who test such devices and can write the truth - it prints about 2.5-3 thousand pages on the original resource. What's bad about it? It is easy and simple to tell the truth, but here she asks herself, because this is an important parameter for any printer and people rely on a certain economy.

Happy with the printer anyway, compared tomodels with a cartridge there is a noticeable savings. I quickly filled the MFP with toner, used the original one, which I bought some time ago and it was waiting in the wings. By the way, you can make stocks of the original toner, it lies quietly for up to several years, the powder does not cake. The main thing is not to open the plastic bag and shake the cartridge as described in the instructions.

The turn of the same HP on the use of chips,so that only the original cartridge can be inserted, has become legendary. They learned how to bypass protection a long time ago, it does not work, and the same HP is in no hurry to complicate it, it turns out to be too expensive. The situation is crazy, the market is full of “compatible cartridges” that work great, in any case, they print, and they can be refilled with MFPs. And the difference in prices seems to make the choice unambiguous.

A couple of years ago, one HP W1103A cartridge cost 790 rubles, today it is offered for 2,000 rubles! Robbery in broad daylight, to say the least.

Back in February, I bought a double set for 2000 rubles, today it is sold for 3,790 rubles. I looked at the cost in other markets, it has not changed in any way, hence the conclusion that this is due to the situation and the fact that HP left the Russian market. Put a tick that you need to buy several sets of refueling. And here the question arises, which ones to buy. A survey in our Telegram channel showed that in most cases you choose non-original cartridges and toners.

The survey can be found here

The price of compatible toner cartridges startsfrom 1,000 rubles, some cost exactly the same as the original, so they can definitely be ignored. Usually, choosing a non-original toner can lead to an increase in the load on the drum, a decrease in its resource, since the toner itself is worse in performance. Of course, manufacturers of compatible cartridges claim that this is not the case and nothing like this will happen. The HP W1103A uses chemically-produced (CPT) toner, which is theoretically better than mechanically produced toner and is more gentle on the drum. But since the drum can also be replaced as a separate element, here you need to consider the economy and see what happens.

With my printer usage profile, I havethere are still a couple of years, so I will watch the prices, I will not run to buy toner right now and save it in reserve. It is interesting that at the end of February I wanted to buy the same MFP, but Yandex.Market canceled the order, considered the price low, pre-crisis. Today, the MFP is sold at the same price as in mid-February, prices have returned. But for consumables, this is not the case, which is strange.

Build some sane cost model withusing original or compatible toner is not possible. But I am implicitly repelled by the fact that the non-original toner will fall into the container along with the remnants of the original, they will mix one way or another. It is unlikely that this will disable the drum, but the fact that wear will increase is a fact. It remains an open question to what extent. It seems to me (and this is the key word) that it will not work to win here, the difference will not be stunning. Saving on toner will mean you have to change the drum earlier. How soon is the main question.

In my history, the cost of printing wasless than one ruble per page, which suits me (excluding the depreciation of the MFP itself, which also needs to be taken into account). If you buy an original toner today, the cost will double, it is tolerable, but unpleasant that such an increase in price occurs. It certainly won’t force me to give up a laser printer, more precisely, an MFP, it’s too convenient a thing in the household. Yes, and I will not print less, these are necessary documents from time to time.

I'm sure you have experience of how youuse original and compatible cartridges, toner. Tell us what difficulties you faced, or maybe there were none at all. It is advisable to indicate the manufacturer of the compatible cartridge and what technique you used it with, for how long. I think that your experience will give additional food for thought to all of us and help someone make their choice.

Mobile-review.com Spillikins №579. The drop in retail sales in Asia on examples

How retail sales are falling in the world; the biggest drop in the Dow Jones; HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200w; sellers of MVideo; photo on S20 Ultra; SwatchPay!; new season of Altered Carbon

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