Origami for a fading screen: TCL concepts

Well, folding smartphones in half are no longernews, need a new step? TCL has ideas. The Chinese company showed a couple of concepts of “folding next-generation smartphones” that really meant an element of novelty.

The first is an accordion tablet. That is, everything is like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold combined. The screen folds out and in. Just two fold places.

The device is a tablet withA 10-inch screen that can be tripled, thus obtaining a smartphone with a screen diagonal of about 6.5 inches. True, in the folded position, the device turns out to be terribly fat, but there is nothing to be done. Each and every part has its own battery.

The second unit is even cooler. Here the screen no longer folds, but collapses and expands. In the transport position, it has a diagonal of 6.75 ″, if necessary, it can be extended to 7.8 ″.

Of course, about the prospects for the introduction of this kinddevices it’s too early to speak. It is already valuable that there is an active search for a new solution. TCL company is working on a variety of options for folding form factors, involving the use of a flexible screen, as you know, maybe some will shoot.

The verge

Tatyana Kobelskaya