Organ transplants from animals to humans will happen this year.

Today, the possibility of transplantationorgans no longer surprise anyone. However, despite the fact that transplantology has moved quite far over the past several decades, the main problem of this industry in the form of a shortage of donor organs has not been resolved. Therefore, scientists regularly seek a way out of this situation. Someone relies on the cultivation of organs, as they say, in vitro, and someone hopes for xenotransplantation. That is, an organ transplant from animals to humans. And the first such transplant should happen later this year.

What is xenograft

Strictly speaking, under the term "xenograft"implies a transplant of organs, tissues or cell structures from an organism of one biological species into an organism of another biological species. That is, the transfer from animals to humans is not limited to. Why is it important? It's simple: similar experiments have already been conducted on other biological species. And these experiments were very successful. Moreover, xenotransplantation is not limited to organ transplants. Animals can be used as donors of blood, stem cells, skin, nerve tissue and so on.

This is interesting: What can go wrong with growing human organs in pigs.

It should be understood that organs and tissuesmust be "grown" in a special way. That is, roughly speaking, you cannot take any animal and transplant an organ from it to a person. The organ simply will not work correctly. That is why genetically modified animal species are used for such experiments. So that inside them, so to speak, organs suitable for transplantation would grow.

From whom will organs be transplanted to humans?

According to The Guardian,in this case, genetically modified pigs will act as donors, and a kidney will be transplanted to a person. Now the experts are completing the preparatory stages of the operation and are in search of volunteers for preliminary tests. And what is noteworthy in this case is this: the students of Sir Terence English will act as the operating brigade. This Briton is a sign, first of all, for the first time in the territory of Misty Albion that he successfully transplanted a heart to a person. It happened 40 years ago.

If the result of kidney xenotransplantation frompigs to a person will be satisfactory, then we can very well expect that this will work with other bodies. This means that in the future we will be able to solve the problem of a shortage of donor organs once and for all. - said Terence English.

That pigs are not selected as donorsby chance. Their genome is quite easy to modify, the animals themselves are not difficult to grow and contain, and their organs are similar to human in size and physiology

Moreover, British surgeons are veryoptimistic in their forecasts. If the kidney transplant operation, scheduled for the second half of this 2019 year, is crowned with success, then after 3 years, scientists intend to carry out a heart transplant. It is worth noting that people have been talking about organ transplants from animals for a long time. And at the same time, at the moment there are practically no obstacles for this. Naturally, we will keep you up to date with the events and tell about this in our news channel in Telegram.

Doctors already have successful examples of suchoperations in the laboratory, there are technologies for growing organs, the technique of the operation has long been known. As well as the conditions for the successful rehabilitation of patients after surgery. There are also drugs to suppress the immune response so that organs are not rejected. It remains only to "put everything together." And I really want to believe that the British surgeons will succeed.