OPPO winds down operations in Europe

OPPO, one of China's leading smartphone makers, plans to wind down operations in Germany

and the UK, according to the Gizmochina portal.The company will retain only a few employees for core operations and this plan is expected to be implemented in mid-2023. The move comes amid tough market conditions in Europe, where high selling costs and declining consumer purchasing power are making it difficult for businesses to operate profitably.

According to Counterpoint Research, shipmentsof smartphones in Europe in 2022 decreased by 17%, which was the worst year for the industry since 2012. This trend was especially noticeable in the fourth quarter, when OPPO's shipments fell 39% year-on-year. OPPO is also facing a difficult problem of patent litigation in Europe. Nokia has sued OPPO for patent infringement in Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and other countries after the company entered the European market.