Oppo unveils AR Air Glass device with cicada wings and proprietary Spark projector (3 photos + video)

During the regular annualAt INNO Day 2021, Oppo has officially unveiled Oppo Air Glass, a compact augmented reality device equipped with a Micro LED display with a diffractive optical waveguide in the shape of a monocle and a Spark microscopic projector created by Oppo engineers.

To use Oppo Air Glass deviceattaches to the spectacle frame at the level of the right glass. The hardware base of the gadget is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 mobile processor. Autonomous work is supported by a built-in battery. Oppo Air Glass is equipped with a speaker, two microphones and a module for wireless connection to a smart watch or smartphone.

To control Oppo Air Glass, you can useSmart Glass app on Oppo Watch 2 and any Oppo smartphone with ColorOS 11 or later installed. In addition, it supports 4 control methods using the touch panel, voice, head movement and hand gestures.

Air Glass smart AR device works withvarious applications for broadcasting weather, calendar, health information, performing the functions of a teleprompter and translator (so far only from English to Chinese and vice versa). Oppo is working with Baidu on compatibility with the Baidu Walk & Bike Navigation and Explore Nearby apps for walking and cycling navigation.

The image on an elegant display made inthe shape of the cicada's wings, is carried out by means of a micro-LED matrix and a Spark micro-projector with 5 lenses. The Oppo Air Glass device weighs only 30 grams. The gadget will enter the market in the first quarter of 2022 and will be presented in a white or black case.