Oppo smartphones will be able to work without a cellular network and Wi-Fi (3 photos + video)

Modern communication systems during massactivities or in remote areas may be unstable. One of the ways out of this situation is the use of MeshTalk technology, which creates a local decentralized network between Oppo smartphones owners.

Oppo gadgets usingenergy efficient end-to-end encryption, build a local network in which the distance between nodes does not exceed 3 km. If necessary, the signal can be enhanced with the help of special devices (repeaters). Communication takes place directly between users' devices in the same way as radio stations. Using MeshTalk technology, the owner of an OPPO device can be in standby mode for up to 72 hours, which will provide reliable communication in areas with poor coverage or in places where the mobile network is often overloaded (at concerts, at the airport or at the train station). Also, do not need to resort to wireless communication via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

At present, it is not known which particular Oppo models the MeshTalk technology will be compatible with and when it will be launched in production devices.