Oppo Shows Off Air Charging on Oppo X 2021 Smartphone Concept (video)

At the MWC Shanghai exhibition that began in ChinaThe Chinese company Oppo has demonstrated the Air Charging prototype in operation in conjunction with the Oppo X 2021 flip-up smartphone concept.

A short 30-second video shows how the smartphone is continuously recharged from a flat surface at a distance of up to 20 cm, without any physical contact with the charging pad.

The company has not submitted anyother information on the future of Air Charging. However, insiders traditionally have certain information. So, according to the expert of Digital Chat Station, the technical capabilities of Air Charging will allow reaching charging power over the air up to 7.5 W.

First information about charging Air Charging fromOppo was unveiled back in April last year and was named FreeVOOC. Then it was announced that the transmitted power will be 5-10 W, and the operating distance - up to 10 meters. The technology works on reels housed in smartphones.

Less than a month ago, information appeared on the network aboutXiaomi's work on the Mi Air Charge Technology wireless technology, which allows generating 5W of power, working at a distance of several meters with multiple devices at the same time.