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OPPO showcases its latest technology advances at Developer & Partner Conference

Pete Lau, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, OPPO
OPPO is one of the world's leading brands insmartphone industry, introduced its own pantanal cross-platform ecosystem, OPPO Carlink smartphone integration solution, OPPO Sense algorithm for health monitoring, and announced the release of two billion yuan to support developers working with OPPO.

“We will live in a world full of smart devices.These devices should not only be connected, but also integrated in a way that enhances the user experience,” said Pete Lau, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer of OPPO. “We are creating our own ecosystem and are going to work with developers and partners around the world to create an open, interconnected and prosperous system for everyone”

OPPO's cross-platform Pantanal ecosystem provides fully open integration for everyone

At the OPPO Developer Conference 2022(ODC 2022) the company introduced Pantanal, an ecosystem designed to bridge the gaps between different devices and operating systems, allowing them to connect and interact. Sensors and computing capabilities of various devices will help Pantanal to better understand the needs of the user in order to meet them in time.

Cross-platform Pantanal will simplify application development while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

OPPO Unveils Pantanal Cross-Platform Ecosystem at ODC 2022
OPPO Carlink technology integrates smartphone with car

As more people use theirsmartphones as the control and leisure center in cars, OPPO has created the OPPO Carlink system, which will improve the integration and interaction of the smartphone with the car. This solution represents a new way of collaboration for mobile and automotive manufacturers, users will have access to the computing power of the smartphone and the ecosystem without the need to make changes to the car media system, because all interaction will take place at the software level.

OPPO announces collaboration at ODC 2022with SAIC Motor, this marked the beginning of integration with that company's vehicles. Earlier this year, OPPO entered into an agreement with Tesla's Chinese division and the brand's smartphones were able to replace the keys to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for Chinese users.

Collaborative R&D leads to seamless, intelligent IoT experiences

OPPO continues to expand its rangedevices, while introducing them into the ecosystem of their products and services. The company already supplies IoT devices to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, increasing its presence by 120% in 3 years.

Empowering developers around the world to create an open and integrated ecosystem

Over 300.000 developers and 700.000 creators have joined OPPO to bring their products and services to users across platforms. OPPO's open platform helps developers in areas such as application maintenance, graphics processing, and interfacing.

OPPO also announced that it will allocate resources worth 2 billion yuan to implement its Gravity Plan project in 2023 to support developers in building a collaborative ecosystem.

Improving the quality of life through health prevention

Through its advances in sensors, algorithms and data science, OPPO is working to improve user health through health prevention.

At ODC 2022, OPPO announced the debut of its owndevelopment, the OPPO Sense® algorithm, which features breakthrough technologies in cardiovascular health, fitness and sleep monitoring. OPPO will continue to work with partners around the world to improve connectivity between IoT products and develop health tracking applications, equipment and services that can detect chronic diseases at an early stage.

At ODC 2022, OPPO announced the debut of its own development, the OPPO Sense algorithm
During the conference, OPPO also sharednews of its first OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, which ended on August 29th. This program was launched earlier this year to help entrepreneurs and technology professionals bring their innovative solutions to a better future together with OPPO. Among 536 participants from 39 countries, 10 winners were selected, each offering innovative solutions to increase technology accessibility and digital well-being. In addition to $46,000 in grants, the winners received support from OPPO and its partners to further develop and apply their ideas.

OPPO continues to follow its mission"Technology for all, good for everyone" and is working to create an open platform that will make it easier to work with developers and other partners. By joining forces with more developers and partners, OPPO will continue to nurture and expand its ecosystem, bringing seamless connectivity and smart technology to users around the world.

Source: Oppo press release