Oppo has found an elegant way to disguise the “hole” in the screen (4 photos)

In the database WIPO (World Intellectual PropertyOrganization or the World Intellectual Property Organization) journalists discovered a patent by OPPO, which describes a variant of masking a dot cut in the screen under the front-facing camera.

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This idea is simple, as all ingenious: in place of the camera, built into the display, there should be an icon from the Camera application. In this case, the matrix of the real sensor must fall exactly into the lens of the label that is drawn. While the user is working with the desktop or opening the list of applications, the camera icon remains in the same place, invariably masking the “hole” in the display.

This patent may have been filed by OPPO beforethe beginning of the development of its future smartphone R19. When releasing devices from the R series, the company always tried to equip them with screens with a maximum area. The R11s display was stretched and had an aspect ratio of 18: 9. In the screen of the R15, a standard notch under the camera appeared, and the cutout of the R17 was drop-shaped. The opening in the display under the front camera can be a new stage in the development of this series, debuting with the advent of R19. At the same time, which smartphone is depicted in the patent is not specified by specialists.