OPPO Find N Folding Smartphone Passes Zach Nelson's Durability Test (Video)

A little over a month ago, in December 2021,Chinese company OPPO has launched its first foldable smartphone OPPO Find N 5G. One of the main features of the model was the innovative branded Flexion Hinge, the development of which lasted 4 years. YouTube host JerryRigEverthing Zach Nelson did a standard test of the new smartphone and was pleasantly surprised by the high strength of the model when testing the case for bending.

Traditionally, Nelson's trials began withcheck the surface of the screens for scratch resistance. The 5.49-inch outdoor AMOLED screen meets the usual market standards and scratches on contact with objects with hardness ranging from 6 on the Mohs scale. This durability of the display provides protective glass Gorilla Glass Victus.

Foldable inner screen with diagonalunfolded, the 7.1″, as you would expect for plastic covers, was already scratched on contact with objects of hardness 2 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, the surface can be scratched even with a fingernail, and users should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the screen before closing. Nelson also noted one of the main advantages of the OPPO Find N flexible screen is the absence of a crease at the fold, which distinguishes the model from its main competitors, Samsung's folding smartphones.

When testing the internal screen for stabilityto scratches from dust caught between the displays, Nelson poured a handful of sand on the screen and closed the smartphone. After several cycles of closing and opening, there were very few scratches on the surface of the sand-filled screen, despite the almost non-existent gap. The hinge also worked fine, which indicates reliable protection against dust penetration inside the smartphone.

The final test was the traditional test forbend. The OPPO Find N model passed this toughest Nelson test without any problems: when the smartphone was bent to the outside, the case was not damaged, and its deflection was minimal. In general, the expert was pleased with the model, but noted the high price ($ 1,500) of the model, which prevents foldable smartphones from becoming mass devices.