OPPO Enco Free Wireless Headphones with Smart Noise Canceling (6 photos)

Manufacturers over the past year have developed andlaunched on the market many types of high-quality and not very wireless headphones (True Wireless Stereo, TWS). Due to the abundance of models, engineers strive to add their own “zest” to each next development, which can interest users. In OPPO's new Enco Free TWS headphones, the main advantage is an active smart noise reduction system, as well as a Bluetooth module with minimal signal delay time.

Enco Free earphones use Bluetootha module that allows two-way signal transmission and separate error correction for each headphone. The use of innovative technologies has allowed developers to minimize signal delay during a telephone conversation, watching a video or during a game. Enco Free technical specifications indicate that the delay does not exceed 120 milliseconds.

The weight of each earphone is 4.6 grams and in itused composite membranes based on magnesium, titanium and aluminum. Each earphone has an intelligent noise reduction system with two microphones. This design allows you to comfortably use headphones even in the presence of a saturated external noise background. Reliable fixation in the ears, as well as additional isolation from external sounds provide additional removable lining made of silicone.

Enco Free control system - touch,Allows you to adjust the volume, change songs and answer the call. Autonomous operating time - 5 hours of continuous audio playback, and when using the battery of the charging case, the operating time increases to 25 hours.

Enco Free earphones on sale at a price of 100dollars already December 31st. Devices will be produced in white and black colors. From February 14th (Valentine's Day), pink headphones will be available.