The work of the operator in the Tele2 remote service center in Chelyabinsk


In March, Dasha Kolesnikova, Tele2 press secretary, called me and offered to fly to Chelyabinsk. One

of those proposals from which stronglyimpossible to refuse. Firstly, Dasha's ideas are always original and not beaten, and secondly, I have not been in this city for a long time, the seventh largest in Russia, the second in the Urals after Yekaterinburg. Yes, and a visit to the remote service center from Tele2 in absentia promised interesting topics. Looking ahead, I will say that there are enough topics for several materials, the blitz-immersion into the work of the remote customer service center turned out to be extremely successful. Ideologically, you need to divide them by topic, so before you is the first material about the work of remote service center specialists.

Over the past fifteen years, this is the sixth orthe seventh customer support center, which I visit on a tour, different operators and different approaches. Once they were called call centers, but gradually this name devalued, became hackneyed. Dasha instructed me not to say “call center”, and “contact center” is also a forbidden word - I will offend the receiving party. It is curious that until recently this office, one of four in Russia by Tele2, was called just a contact center. On the stairs, there are still pads for employees of the month decorated in the old design, with the abbreviation “KC”.

Perhaps what caused the reaction in me was the wordcontact, for some reason the contact zoo was spinning in my head, since there was a city menagerie next to the hotel. And here someone will exclaim, well, you are a snob Murtazin, trying to compare a remote service center with a zoo. In no case, moreover, my deep conviction that it is here that you can learn Zen, temper in life and not worry about the little things. Without a shadow of irony, I can say that the specialists working in the center, if not saints, are clearly on their way to this state.

Let's dwell on the terminology, it's like thatnever important. Fifteen years ago, such places were real call centers, they gradually acquired IT systems, were introduced into the processes of operators, became different, evolved. And the words very clearly reflect these changes - this is not an invention of marketers to fool you or me, or those who come here to work. No, this is really a reflection of reality, which has become completely different. For example, a person working on the first line, answering calls or incoming messages in electronic communication channels (there are four dozen different ones - social networks, Telegram, chats, mail, and so on) is called not an operator, but a specialist. Feel the difference, a semantic operator is a kind of intermediary, a person who needs a limited set of knowledge and skills, a specialist is someone who develops and increases his experience.

Most people are usually on the other side of the barricades, we turn for support at the moment when something breaks, does not work, and, as a rule, this causes irritation. Is not it?

Working in a service center requires perseverance,as well as emotional endurance, moreover, you are approached with questions that often seem completely unbelievable. Most of the guys who work in the center are young, but there are those who consciously chose to work here. The “lifetime” of a specialist is on average about three years, the turnover is not so high, and the motivation system is built so that a person can develop within the company. And most importantly, these are competitive conditions within the city and region. In the morning, while traveling around the city in search of graffiti (and this is just a wonderful city for this!), I got into a conversation with a taxi driver.

According to the driver, an excellent salary forChelyabinsk is 50 thousand rubles. Let's remember this figure and look at the path of the person who decided to come to the Tele2 remote service center. By the way, employees are encouraged to bring their friends, for which you will receive 1,500 rubles in the first month, 3,000 rubles in the third month if the person stays to work.

The mechanics are very similar to the one that is broadcastoperator outside for subscribers in a variety of promotions. As practice shows, the “bring a friend” campaign works well, since you can tell about the work firsthand, explain all the pitfalls.

It is important to make a reservation that all the mistakes mademe in numbers, exclusively mine, since we spoke a huge amount of information, I could be mistaken in something - it’s definitely not worth blaming the company’s employees for this. My fault, if any.


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The path of the specialist. First steps and motivation for the future

Job interview at the centertete-a-tete, the future employee talks about himself, listens to how the work works and what difficulties it has, a small tour of the office. You can see other guys, feel the atmosphere (I’ll write about this separately, but it’s amazing that people I didn’t know constantly greeted me, this approach is conducive to me). Zero Day is an opportunity to see how the work shift goes, to listen to conversations on a parallel headset. And understand how this work suits you. Zero day allows you to weed out those who are not ready for such work.

Then there are two weeks of training, days offare present, the trainee receives a salary, the initial rate is 27.5 thousand rubles. Training, then the work of a trainee, and in parallel he is helped by those who have already passed this way.

The center is open 24 hours a dayWithin limits, you can choose your shifts and their duration. The shift lasts from 7 to 12 hours, it can be night or day. It doesn't matter if you work on the phone with your voice or answer messages, the shift is broken up as follows - an hour and a half at the workplace, then fifteen minutes of rest. One meal break is called lunch, but depending on the time of day it can be dinner or breakfast.

The specialist has fairly clear scripts thatprovide fast work, the ability to answer questions quickly and clearly, or solve a problem. Let's talk about the subtleties of this work separately, now let's look at how specialists evolve. By the way, the salary of a specialist consists of different components - the motivational part is large, but there are no fines as such. In fact, the only punishment (yes, I understand that many will not like the word, but we write it as it is) is applied for being late for your shift - a person does not receive the maximum coefficient. His income is falling. On average, a specialist receives from 35 thousand rubles and more.

The next stage of evolution after the elderspecialist is the leader. The one who knows and can do more than the rest takes responsibility and manages several specialists. On each floor of the center there is a diagram, and on it you can see the names of the guys who lead the “alliances” (managers). This is an internal designation of departments, each of them has its own leader.

For example, the alliance of Alena Lopatina - she sits in the middle between the rows of specialists, surrounded by computers.

Alena's story is very remarkable, she works incompany for six years, took a break for a year when she was looking for herself in other directions. In particular, she worked at Yandex, was responsible for support chats, but eventually returned to Tele2 and again went from specialist to manager. The manager stands above the leaders and manages those same alliances and more. A sort of matrix structure that is aimed at motivation and growth within the company. Each step gives you new opportunities and adds to your responsibilities, expands your prospects, and this affects your salary. Managers can receive 50 thousand rubles or more, managers climb a little higher. Remember the taxi driver!

The guys are alive, this is not window dressing for the sake of my arrival,and how can it be organized? The curious thing here is that for Chelyabinsk the presence of such a center is a big plus, but more on that separately, the topic is too broad. The important thing here is that young people and not only them (away with age inequality, people of any age can work here) get a chance to build a career. The Tele2 Remote Service School gives you the opportunity to get a job in many other companies or build your career with an operator.


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How I Learned Zen in Ten Minute Calls

Do not believe that the work of a specialist is difficult? I sat on the parallel line and listened to what questions people call, I will share some of them. Changed the name of the caller, here's the conversation.

Hello, my name is Volodya.

— Hello, Konstantin, how can I help?

- I have a SIM card inserted into the modem, the modem is inserted into the router. All this together does not work.

What exactly doesn't work?

- SIM card, well, you understand the order about the modem androuter. The card is not mine, I'm an installer, I install video surveillance. Whose card, no one here knows (a muffled voice with menacing notes is heard in the background - after all, no one knows whose card ?!).

Next, the operator explains how to check the card, devices, and so on. Holy man, in my opinion.

This situation is sorted out, there is an elderly woman on the linewoman. She says that she does not know to whom the SIM card is issued, for her birthday she was presented with a phone, there is a SIM card in it, and it is not known whose passport she was taken with. The specialist says that you can see information about this in your personal account. The woman thanks and disconnects. Her voice is many years old, so it's amazing that she knows how to use her personal account. According to the guys, older people every year are getting better and better oriented in how to use the services of operators.

During the day, four Tele2 centers receivemore than 28 thousand calls, but in the statistics I was struck by the line - "20 times they say thank you." The ratio of thanks to the number of calls is somehow depressing, but everything cleared up after the question. It turns out that every day people who simply thank and say thank you call the line, they have no problems, they want to express words of support. Insanely cool!

Each appeal for the company has an economiceffect, human service costs. And here, of course, different stories happen - people behave differently. There are regions in which people start a conversation exclusively with obscenities, but after a warning they straighten themselves up and communicate within the bounds of decency. For specialists, this is also a familiar situation, which is gradually getting better, every year people change their habits. There is consumer extremism, when a subscriber of a company places up to sixty claims during the day (a real case), each of them needs to be processed, and the subject of discussion is not worth a damn, at least from my point of view. Such subscribers in the center are known by their names, as they are active every day. And without any special agreements, all operators refuse them - there are too many problems, too much load on different services of the company from one person. But the main thing is that the problems are far-fetched. For example, a complaint can be simple - I don't like the font on your site, I can't see it well. You must document my disagreement with this. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the coming days, we'll take a look behind the scenes of howa remote service center is operating, there will be numbers, many photos of everyday life and reflections on why they are in different cities, but not in the capital. Stay in touch!

P.S.Dasha has a special nod for this opportunity to see the work of this business from the inside. And special thanks for the frank answers to Natasha Yashina, director of the distance sales center. And along with Margarita Rudakova, Head of Reactive Retention and Customer Experience. We will talk with you in great detail about their area of ​​responsibility and work, there are a lot of interesting things there. Let the name of the position of Margarita sound furious for someone.

And finally, my view after listening to calls. This is very hard work, without any discounts!

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