Operator news: the subtleties of setting the UP tariff from beeline

Hi all.

We have already published two texts on the new UP tariffs from beeline. The chief dismantled the strategy,

tactics and even branded merch. Plus I read the official press release. However, he could not grab the salt of the tariff.

As a man of average mind, which in theory onthe planet should be in the majority, suggested that not only I could have problems. So I decided to figure out how to get the most out of the tariff.

Tariff UP from beeline, which replaces almost all tariffs, constructor with heroes

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Tariff UP from beeline. We understand the cost, packages and how good they are

We carefully consider the UP tariff from beeline, compare its packages with competitors and evaluate how it is in the market. We are talking about price trends.

I must say right away that the tariff turned out to be curious and even profitable, if everything remains as it is now and the beeline does not begin to quietly retroactively make adjustments.

Second thought: you should not use pre-configured packages. There are few benefits to them. But if you set up the tariff yourself, you can get a number of advantages:

  • 50 GB of traffic at the lowest price
  • Free unlimited on YouTube and TikTok
  • Free unlimited messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber)
  • Free unlimited music streaming (Apple Music and Yandex.Music)
  • Free unlimited access to social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki
  • A package of 130 TV channels that can be watched over the Internet


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Table of Contents

  • General points</ p>
    • Tariff UP is one tariff
    • Who are Appers
  • Tariff settings</ p>
    • Step 1. Tariff price depending on the number of minutes and gigabytes
    • Step #2. Apper choice (bonus)
    • Step #3 Additional bonuses and combinations: how to get free unlimited music and social networks
    • Step #4 Roaming
    • Note #1: Settings via smartphone only
    • Note #2: Free Wi-Fi Sharing
  • Conclusion

General points

Tariff UP is one tariff

Firstly, the beeline is lying to us! On the site we are met, as it were, by 5 different UP tariffs.

In fact, it's all the same tariff, inwhich simply changed the settings by changing the number of minutes and gigabytes. And also applied a bonus in the form of "apper". Other operators are engaged in similar nonsense. For example, MegaFon has MegaPowers, which give bonuses such as unlimited traffic to music or YouTube.

Who are Appers

Beeline's "Apper" is a poorly rendered character, created to introduce a game component and an attempt to evoke an emotional response from the subscriber (just by!).

In fact, this is an additional bonus to the tariff (what each app can do, we will consider in the paragraph “Step # 2. Choosing an app (bonus)”).

Appers have names.But we are adults, so we won’t even pronounce them. Well, seriously, you won’t come to the communication salon with the words: “For some reason, Bazya stopped working for me! The wife and children are unhappy! For context: Bazya is a bee.

Two points.Firstly, since the tariff is customizable, it is understood that subscribers will be able to regularly change uppers depending on their needs. For this reason, connecting and changing the apper was made paid - 50 rubles.

Secondly, it is unlikely that Beeline thought about it, but it's funny that they chose a robot as an apper for guest workers, the only inanimate character with a clearly understandable function - to work.

Tariff settings

Tariff UP is about settings. The proposed ready-made packages are not so interesting. Let me explain!

Step 1. Tariff price depending on the number of minutes and gigabytes

First, here are all the fare combinations. It doesn't matter which upper bonus you choose. These are base prices for minutes and gigabytes.

Highlighted in yellow the most interestingratio for an ordinary user who, in general, needs only mobile Internet from the tariff. Plus, remember about the free distribution of mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

Monthly subscription fee (depends on the selected packages of minutes and GB):

per month min/GB 6 GB 15 GB 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
200 min 480 rub. 530 rub. 550 rub. 590 rub. 650 rub. 680 rub.
400 min 520 rub. 570 rub. 590 rub. 630 rub. 690 rub. 720 rub.
700 min 580 rub. 630 rub. 650 rub. 690 rub. 750 rub. 780 rub.
1200 min 700 rub. 750 rub. 770 rub. 810 rub. 870 rub. 900 rub.
1500 min 910 rub. 960 rub. 980 rub. RUB 1,020 1 080 rub. 1 110 rub.
2000 min 1 300 rub. 1 350 rub. 1 370 rub. 1 410 rub. 1 470 rub. 1 500 rub.

You can change the number of minutes and gigabytes for free if more than 30 days have passed since the setup. Otherwise, you will have to pay 200 rubles.

An additional Internet package costs 50 rubles per 1 GB.

Step #2. Apper choice (bonus)

The next task is to choose some kind of upper bonus. Appers can be changed regularly. The cost of both the initial connection and the change of the apper is 50 rubles.

So, only 5 upper-bonuses:

  • Bee – provides a 50% discount on the “Family in Beeline” option, which makes it possible to connect two additional numbers to the tariff (135 rubles instead of 270 rubles)
  • dragon with fire - unlimited traffic on YouTube and TikTok
  • Cat - +50% GB roaming and priority support
  • Panda – 20% discount on the tariff if you are over 60 years old (the discount is activated automatically within a week and starts from the next period, that is, you will have to pay the full price for the first month)
  • Robot – free 30 minutes of voice calls to numbers of Uzbekistan, TCELL Tajikistan, Beeline Kyrgyzstan and Beeline Armenia

Thus, if you are not a pensioner, not a guest worker and are not going on vacation, then there are only 2 useful apps.

The first is a bee if you are going to use the tariff for the whole family.

If you buy a tariff only for yourself, then there are no options. You need to take the dragon, which gives you unlimited YouTube and TikTok.


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Step #3 Additional bonuses and combinations: how to get free unlimited music and social networks

In addition to uppers, the UP tariff has other positive aspects that I would like to draw attention to.

First, all combinations are subject tofree unlimited for instant messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Snapchat. They also give you the opportunity to watch 130 channels for free through a proprietary Internet application.

Second, depending on the combinationthe price of optional tariffs varies. For example, at the minimum settings of 480 rubles per month (6 GB, 200 minutes), unlimited music will cost 60 rubles, social networks - 80 rubles, and video will cost 199 rubles. But on some settings, the price can be reduced to zero. See screenshots below.

You can bring down the price of YouTube streaming to zero with the help of a dragon apper.

Free unlimited music streaming andsocial networks rely starting from 40 GB of Internet per month. The number of minutes does not affect these options. Thus, for example, for 650 rubles a month, a user gets 200 minutes, 40 GB, unlimited messengers, YouTube, social networks and music streaming.

Collected all combinations in the table. Please note that the upper dragon can give free traffic to YouTube and TikTok.

Price variations (per month) for additional services depending on the size of Internet packages:

Unlimited for: 6 GB 15 GB 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
(free if connect apper dragon)
199 rub. 199 rub. 149 rub. 149 rub. 99 rub. 99 rub.
Youtube 139 rub. 139 rub. 99 rub. 99 rub. 69 rub. 69 rub.
TikTok 139 rub. 139 rub. 99 rub. 99 rub. 69 rub. 69 rub.
+ Apple Music
60 rub. 60 rub. 45 rub. 45 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
Apple Music 40 rub. 40 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
+ Apple Music
40 rub. 40 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
Social networks 80 rub. 80 rub. 60 rub. 60 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
"In contact with" 60 rub. 60 rub. 40 rub. 40 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
"Classmates" 60 rub. 60 rub. 40 rub. 40 rub. 0 rub. 0 rub.
Package 100 SMS 30 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub. 30 rub.
Unlimited calls to beeline 60 rub. 60 rub. 60 rub. 60 rub. 60 rub. 60 rub.

Step #4 Roaming

Going roaming if you planto use mobile Internet, there is a reason to connect an app in the form of a cat, which gives a 50% increase in traffic. For example, if the option is 1 GB, then you will be credited with 1.5 GB.

Roaming charges vary by country. You can see the rates here. But for most countries, it is the usual 450 rubles a day. Money is debited if you use the services.

Note #1: Settings via smartphone only

You need to set up and generally test the UP tariff settings only through the application on your smartphone, because there are bugs and glitches on the site.

For example, I could not return the original price of the tariff of 690 rubles. It was 690 rubles. for 30 GB, made 50 GB - 780 rubles, returned to 30 GB - already 795 rubles.

A very frustrating experience. I was already angry and dissatisfied, because there was a lot of some new information, so everything also works badly.

It is easier to set up in the application, but it takes 20-30 seconds to wait for screens with price updates.

Note #2: Free Wi-Fi Sharing

Decided to highlight in a separate paragraph. The UP tariff implies free distribution of mobile Internet via Wi-Fi.


In recent years, Beeline has been actively modernizing networks against the backdrop of an outflow of subscribers. Accordingly, the operator is now using this advantage by providing a lot of Internet traffic.

Beeline brought to the market a rather complex tariff, which is not so easy to master and understand all the subtleties on the fly.