OpenAI is afraid to publish AI generating articles (2 photos)

Soon journalists, writers andCopywriters can be left without work, they will be replaced by artificial intelligence. The new system has already been developed by the non-profit organization OpenAI, which was financed by Tesla and SpaceX founder Ilon Musk. However, until the invention is available to the general public, as developers fear the use of a unique system for committing illegal acts.

Artificial intelligence can create news stories.articles and literary works based on several leading lines. At the same time, the stylistics of the author of the initial lines and the theme set by him are preserved. The system is called GPT2. When testing the system with GPT2 journalists, the topic of an article about Brexit was set. The output turned out to be a rather informative text with quotes from politicians and an indication of geographical features. However, there is one more “BUT”. The news was completely fake.

GPT2 was “trained” on 10 million differenttexts taken from reddit. The volume of knowledge acquired by AI was 40 GB, which is 6,250 copies of the four-volume work “War and Peace”. Despite the fact that the non-commercial nature of OpenAI allows organizations to publish in the public domain all their developments, GPT2 will not be available yet. Developers fear that in the hands of dishonest people, the system may do more harm than good.