Open access to the British Museum

Coronavirus epidemic continues to contributethe opening of online access to new and increasingly significant historical and art museums. You can now get acquainted with the two millionth history of mankind and the development of culture on six continents by making an online excursion to the British Museum - the leading historical and architectural museum of the world and Great Britain. Over half of the museum’s 4.5 million exhibits are now available to Internet users. The online collection has 1.9 exhibits using a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Excursions to virtual halls British museum will not only allow you to enjoy outstandingmasterpieces collected by the British from all over the world, but also use the images for non-commercial purposes. Nearly 280 thousand masterpieces, viewers will see for the first time. When “visiting” the museum’s virtual halls, the excursionist will be able to examine the exhibit in detail from all sides, bring it closer and change the angle.

Among the most significant exhibits you canmention the statue from Easter Island, Bronze Age jewelry, the previously lost painting of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, belonging to the Pre-Raphaelite school. Also, virtual sightseers will see the Rosetta Stone and the battle helmet from the Sutton Hu necropolis.

Conducting online tours will provide not onlypopularization of the great British Museum, but it will also entertain citizens who are tired of self-isolation, and will also provide invaluable assistance to teachers and teachers in conducting online lessons.

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