ONYX BOOX Livingstone 2 - the popular reader just got better!

The novelty continues the popular seriescompact readers ONYX BOOX, having received an updated processor, an increased amount of memory, as well as a new version of the operating system and improved software. Until November 6 inclusive, as part of the ongoing promotion, the model is sold at a special price of 13,490 rubles.

The device continues the series of compact lightweightreaders, while receiving a number of improvements. The model is now equipped with a more productive Qualcomm processor and an increased amount of RAM and solid state memory. Livingstone 2 is based on the Android 11 operating system with significantly improved shell and reader programs. Like its predecessor, the reader has a 6-inch high-resolution E Ink Carta Plus display with touch control and flicker-free backlighting with color temperature control, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules greatly expand the communication capabilities of the model. The Livingstone 2 comes with a practical protective case with scroll buttons.

E Ink Carta Plus screen installed on ONYXBOOX Livingstone 2 has the highest resolution and contrast among 6-inch displays. Supports capacitive touch control, providing convenient control when reading and using other functions. The model received a built-in backlight MOON Light 2 with adjustable color temperature, allowing you to choose the optimal shade for different lighting conditions. Thanks to Flicker-Free technology, the LEDs do not flicker, so your eyes are less tired even when reading for a long time with the backlight on. The use of SNOW Field technology reduces the number of artifacts during partial redrawing, improving the quality of the image on the screen.

The novelty is based on a new 4-core processorclocked at 2 GHz and has 2 GB of RAM. Thanks to this, the operating speed has increased by 6.3 times compared to the first generation ONYX BOOX Livingstone. The reader has 16 GB of solid-state memory and a microSD card slot, allowing you to store a large library of your favorite literature on the device. The built-in dual-band Wi-Fi module, operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, makes it possible not only to surf the Internet, but also to transfer files from other devices and use various online services. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 provides convenient connection to the reader of various external devices, such as wireless headphones to listen to audio files. Thanks to the G-sensor, the screen auto-rotation function is supported. This can be handy when reading on a vehicle, and also allows you to use the paging buttons with both hands.

The updated model software received a quick menu,implemented as a floating button with six user-assignable actions. In addition, there was an additional control panel located in the top curtain. Using the menu implemented on it, you can adjust the backlight and volume levels, turn wireless modules on and off, adjust the screen settings, and much more. AlReaderX Pro and Neo Reader pre-installed reading programs contain many text display settings that allow any user to get its optimal view. The reader software includes an audio player that allows you to listen to audio books and music files. With the TTS (Text To Speech) function, you can speak the contents of text files. Built-in dictionaries allow you to translate foreign words directly while reading. In addition, when connected to the Internet, you can use the online translator to work with a piece of text by selecting it in the document. Thanks to the Android 11 operating system, you can use various third-party applications and services, including installing programs from the Google Play store.

The model is made in a compact slim case made ofSoftTouch-plastic, the weight of the device without a case is only 165 grams. The reader comes with a "smart" cover that reliably protects the screen during transportation and provides additional convenience when using. Thanks to the use of a new energy-efficient processor, the battery life of the reader has been significantly increased. The model is equipped with a modern USB Type-C connector with OTG support, which allows you to connect and use various peripheral devices that do not require drivers.

ONYX BOOX Livingstone 2 integrates a screenhigh resolution, excellent technical characteristics and modern compact body. Choosing this model, you can get close to the maximum set of functions available today for readers. The model is already on sale, you can buy it in branded e-book stores ONYX BOOX and online stores and