Online purchases will not be taxed (3 photos)

The Association of E-commerce Companies (ACIT) did not receive the support of the Russian government in introducing a tax on all purchases in foreign online stores.

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According to the plan of the organization, the proposed measure shouldwas “to equalize the conditions for Russian and foreign online stores”. If the idea of ​​AKIT was supported, then the tax would be 20% on all products of foreign online platforms, including AliExpress.

Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications andmass communications of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mamonov noted that this cardinal measure, which would have suffered exclusively buyers. The introduction of the tax would lead to an increase in prices for goods in online stores in Russia. The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the duty-free import of goods worth less than 500 euros per month should be retained, and the proposed ACIT tax does not make sense.

Note that by 2020, the threshold for duty-free import of goods from foreign online stores will be reduced to € 200 per package.