Onewheel - the original one-wheel hoverboard (7 pics + video)

Devices like electric scooters orgiroskuterov very relevant when you need to quickly get to somewhere nearby, and use a taxi or your own car is inconvenient. In Pint came up with an even simpler thing - a board with one wheel. To go, it is enough to stand with feet on both its ends.

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This type of giroscooter has already appeared on the market,however much heavier and more dimensional. Pint's Onewheel is a compact 70 centimeters long. Skills of managing such gadgets are not required, the novelty will help the user to keep balance. To accelerate and change direction, it is enough to slightly tilt the board in the desired direction.


There is one nuance. Compactness has deprived the device of speed and autonomy. On one charge the wheel will travel no more than 12 kilometers, developing a speed of around 25 kilometers per hour. This should be enough to get from the subway to work or from home to the store. You can transfer a novelty with a special pen. The front and back of the board are signal LED-lights.

Convenience and compactness will cost $ 950 or $ 1,799 for a more “pumped” model.