OneWeb - an alternative to the space Internet, developed by China and Russia

Russia has entered the "space race." According to experts, China and Russia are working on a project to launch a joint satellite group. The latter is designed to create an alternative on the Russian territory of One Web and SpaceX.

CASIC (China Corporation of Aerospace Science and Industry) and JSC "Satellite System" Gonets "collaborate in this project. The announced goal is the distribution of a sufficiently high-speed Internet.

Previously, our company had 40 percent of the shareparticipation in the OneWeb project. He was called to become the exclusive provider of satellite consumer Internet in Russia. However, this project did not receive the necessary frequencies, the application was withdrawn by the British OneWeb for revision.

As part of a new project, Internet distribution156 satellites from China Hongyun will be engaged. Deploy them finish, most likely, in 2025. Representatives of Roscosmos have not yet discussed the project, although there is information on the network that it is possible that some of the Chinese satellites can be put into orbit with the help of Russian Soyuz launch vehicles.

Source: Vedomosti