OnePlus 7T Smartphone Fails Strength Test (video)

Enthusiasts do not stop hard trials oversmartphones entering the market. Well-known expert Zach Nielson from JerryRigEverything channel conducted an experiment on the just introduced flagship smartphone OnePlus 7T.

Checking the display, camera module and smartphone frameresistance to sharp objects showed standard results. The device can be scratched with objects with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. When exposed to an open flame, the pixels darken, but then quickly recover.

The matte back panel of the OnePlus 7T smartphone showed excellent resistance to the sharp edges of coins and keys that did not leave any damage.

However, the fracture test of a smartphone is notpassed. At the first attempt to apply a bending moment to the device, the rear panel cracked and continued to collapse in the future. Nevertheless, the smartphone has remained operational.

One of the reasons for the weakness of the back panel may be a fairly large stress concentrator in the form of a round camera module, the value of which is comparable to Oreo cookies.