OnePlus 3 tested by dropping it from a flying plane (video)

What is most likely: can I drop a smartphone under an asphalt rink or accidentally drop it, removing what is happening from a high attraction, for example, from a balloon, a ferris wheel or a light aircraft? The daredevils considered that a fall from a height was a more acceptable case of life and tested the latest flagship smartphone by the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, having thrown it out of an airplane from a 780-foot height (228.6 meters).

To the surprise of experimenters, OnePlus 3calmly survived the flight and fall, remaining in working condition with no visible damage on the body and the screen. Perhaps this contributed to the landing on the ground, which softened the blow. If the approach machine “docked” with an asphalt or concrete surface, the result could be different. What exactly, you can check empirically.