One of these models is not a man. Guess what?

Virtual models capture the fashion industry,taking the real top models by surprise. Female avatars, whose appearance was created with the help of IT-technologies, do not experience difficulties in selecting clothes, do not sit on exhausting diets, do not look for expensive contracts, but lead quite real life. True, only online. Imma, the so-called heroine of our today's news, is still new to this world, but is already attracting increased attention. Thanks to a bright and fashionable selfie and in the urban style, the digital Instagram model was able to attract increased attention to almost 60,000 people who subscribed to its channel. Moreover, she has already managed to take part in the creation of an advertising photoset for the cosmetics manufacturer Kate, as reported by the Japanese website I-D.

Imma, whose Japanese name translates asNow, created the CGI studio Modeling Cafe. These guys had a hand in the creation of the photo-realistic animated film "Kingsglave: Final Fantasy XV" (2016), the film "Godzilla: Revival" (2016), the super-popular game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as, for example , a very interesting and funny Japanese commercial that entices tourists to visit Kyushu Island.

Imma was so realistic that withat first glance you do not understand whether a virtual model or a real living person looks at you from a gloss. According to the portal SoraNews24, most of the achievements in this belong to the stylists specializing in women's skin, who along with Modeling Cafe took part in creating the natural color, texture and skin structure of the virtual model. In addition, the effect allows you to enhance the correct play with light and an interesting shooting setting.

In one of the latest photo shoots forImma's online magazine is in the frame at once with two real live models, Mayben and Aria. The hairdresser and makeup artist Torii was responsible for the make-up and hairstyles of all three models. The creators of the photoset, inspired by the popular among users Instagram-filters “Kawaii” decided to see how widely they manage to push the virtual boundaries with the model, which is 100% the embodiment of their imagination.

And so that the idea to readers seemed even moreconvincing, the magazine conducted a typical model interview in such cases, in which Imma also “took part”. Questions for the latter were like this: “Who was your inspiration?” - “Singer Bjork. Her works always border on the real and the unreal. As sang in the song "All is Full of Love", it is possible that someday artificial intelligence will understand what love is. And she, in turn, can be anything you can imagine. ”

These answers were certainly written by manHowever, taking into account the current rapid pace of development of these technologies, each time it becomes easier to imagine a day when AI will be able to independently give such detailed, philosophical and at the same time flirty answers.

Like any other technology related toartificial intelligence, as well as the ability to create realistic images of people, has its own downside. Model brands begin, albeit definitely only for the sake of hype and attention, to “hire” virtual models like Imma, leaving the technological progress that is gaining speed on the train and depriving them of their earnings. And ModelingCafe, in turn, wants to make its model Immu even more “real”, creating with its participation super-realistic animations that will make it completely indistinguishable from a real person.

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