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One of the first patients with coronavirus told how his illness went

According to the South China Morning Post, at the timeof writing this article on March 9, 2020, 20 cases of CoVID-2019 coronavirus infection were recorded in Russia. Fortunately, there are no deaths yet, but in most cases, patients complain of shortness of breath, severe cough, fever and other unpleasant symptoms. Recently, the Daily Mail published material where one of the first people who contracted the virus shared his medical history. In the early days, he perceived his serious condition as the consequences of a cold, and doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. Only when his condition became terrible did it become clear that this was a more dangerous disease.

Connor Reed with his kitten

One of the first people infected with coronaviruscan be called 25-year-old Connor Reed. The guy comes from the UK, but when he was overtaken by a dangerous disease, he lived in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is considered the birthplace of the coronavirus. In another country, he lived for more than seven months and taught English at a local school. From time to time he visited the market, where he could become infected with a coronavirus. It is believed that the source of the disease is the meat of bats sold there, but the young teacher says that he had never seen such "delicacies" there. However, whole carcasses of pigs and lambs were sold in large quantities there.


  • 1 1 day. Disease onset
  • 2 2 day. Start treatment for coronavirus
  • 3 3 Day. Folk remedy for colds
  • 4 4 day. Deep sleep
  • 5 7 day. Coronavirus Week
  • 6 8 day. Bed rest
  • 7 9 day. Coronavirus in animals
  • 8 11 day. The death of a kitten
  • 9 12 day. Coronavirus Relapse
  • 10 13 day. Coronavirus pneumonia
  • 11 36 day. Exit to the street
  • 12 52 day. Coronavirus Report
  • 13 72 Day. Media fame

1 day. Disease onset

The first symptoms of coronavirus Connor Reedfelt November 25, 2019, when no one knew about the coronavirus yet. He began to sneeze, and a blur appeared in his eyes. In general, the disease manifested itself as an ordinary cold, so the guy decided not to miss work, being sure that he would not infect anyone.

Connor Reed is considered one of the first people to become coronavirus

2 day. Start treatment for coronavirus

On the second day of illness, Connor felt pain for the first the throat. In principle, this symptom is also characteristic of a cold, so one of the first carriers of coronavirus began to recall folk remedies for colds. He well remembered that when he had a cold in childhood, his mother poured him a mug of hot water with honey. Connor decided to follow this example and made himself a “healing” drink.

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3 day. Folk remedy for colds

Despite the fact that he did not smoke and drinkonly for good reason, Connor Reed decided to strengthen the strength of his drink by adding a little whiskey. He thought that an impromptu hot punch would help him overcome cough and other symptoms characteristic of a cold. What does not come up with a man to recover soon.

4 day. Deep sleep

After a drink, the man feltbetter and, he said, slept like a child. He left some more hot punch for the evening, but continued to go to work. In this case, the disease developed, although Connor Reed began to hope that soon the terrible symptoms would completely disappear.

The dangers of coronavirus became known only at the beginning of 2020

7 day. Coronavirus Week

In the following days, the English teacher felthe was not bad, and explained his weakened state by the consequences of a cold. But on the seventh day of illness, he realized that he was dealing with something more serious. According to him, his head was unbearably humming, his eyes were burning, and his throat seemed to tighten. The disease reached his chest and he began to have a strong cough. It is noteworthy that these symptoms struck him suddenly, so he did not go to work, afraid to infect everyone with the "flu."

8 day. Bed rest

The young teacher again did not go to work andwarned that he might skip a week. He shared that on this day he could not get out of bed due to bone pain and simply lay watching TV. However, he tried not to cough much, because it caused him severe pain.

Connor Reed kitten died due to coronavirus

9 day. Coronavirus in animals

After a week of illness, Connor noticed that his catalso began to feel bad. They both lost their appetite, so the guy did not come up with anything better than drinking whiskey in its purest form. After all, he did not get much benefit from the hot punch with honey.

11 day. The death of a kitten

After two days of weakness, a petConnor is dead. Physically, the guy felt better, but the death of the kitten crushed him emotionally. Most likely, the cat was struck by a coronavirus type FCoV (Feline coronavirus), which is often fatal. Symptoms of this disease are hidden and the animal’s immune system just weakens, appetite disappears and digestion problems occur. In particular, we are talking about diarrhea and fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity. The combination of these symptoms causes complications that lead to death.

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12 day. Coronavirus Relapse

After temporarily relieving Connor's symptomsbegan to feel worse than before. He had difficulty breathing, dizziness arose and, on the whole, he felt like hell. According to him, he had never been so sick in his life, because when he was breathing, his lungs sounded like compressing paper bags. He could not call a doctor at home because of the high cost, so he decided to take a taxi to Zhongnan University Hospital, where many foreign doctors work. There he underwent a six-hour examination, after which he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

13 day. Coronavirus pneumonia

The guy returned home late in the evening, but did nottake antibiotics prescribed by doctors. He considered that his body would cease to be susceptible to drugs and antibiotics would not help if he fell ill even more in the future. In the following days, the patient began to feel better, pneumonia was gone, but the sensations in his body were still terrible, as if a skating rink had moved him. Finally, he felt good on the 24th day of illness.

By the way, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere has significantly decreased

36 day. Exit to the street

After a month of terrible illness, Connor decidedgo to the store. The whole world has already learned about coronavirus and the Chinese authorities have begun to restrict travel to other countries. The guy decided to stock up on groceries and other necessary things, because in such circumstances a shortage of goods may arise. His fears were confirmed, because soon the residents of Wuhan were forbidden to leave their homes.

52 day. Coronavirus Report

Only after such a long period of timeConnor received a notice from the hospital that he had had a coronavirus. He decided that now he has immunity, but he was still forced to wear a medical mask. If he refused to do this, he could be arrested. And the thing is that the Chinese authorities seriously intended to stop the spread of coronavirus.

After recovering from the coronavirus, Connor Reed was still forced to wear a medical mask

72 Day. Media fame

By February 4, Connor Reed became known as one ofthe first people to recover after coronavirus. According to him, world publications began to write that he defeated the coronavirus with the help of hot whiskey and honey. In his defense, he says that at that time he had no idea about coronavirus and thus treated the common cold.

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As you can see, the coronavirus is very severesymptoms, therefore, each person must take precautions. It is worth remembering that after coming from the street you need to wash your hands thoroughly, and in society to avoid people with symptoms of the disease. But wearing medical masks while healthy is definitely not worth it, because only sick people need them. In general, about everything you need to know about coronavirus, you can read in our special material.