One more mystery: found fish living in "dead water"

In nature there are a special type of creaturescalled extremophiles. They differ from all other animals in that they are able to survive in extreme conditions, for example, in especially hot places or in highly saline waters. Scientists have discovered that there are also creatures in the world that almost do not need oxygen - oddly enough, these are some species of fish found in the Californian Gulf by members of the MBARI research institute. Scientists still can not understand how they can live without oxygen, but they have some assumptions.

The water in which especially hardy fish were found,contained much less oxygen than is necessary for the life of other aquatic inhabitants. Previously it was believed that fish are not able to live in "dead water", since oxygen plays an important role in their metabolism. Apparently, the body of the detected representatives of the underwater world is completely different.

Among them were erroneous fish Cherublemmaemmelas, california big head shark and bats. The researchers suggest that their ability to survive in extreme conditions is associated with enlarged gills. It is also believed that they have a slow metabolism associated with their small bodies - their length does not exceed 30 cm, therefore, compared with them, their gills seem huge.

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Each type of extremophile has its own name,For example, animals with easy tolerance of high temperatures are called hyperthermophiles, and inhabitants of especially saline waters are halophiles. Organisms, whose life is virtually independent of the presence of oxygen, met the scientists for the first time, and they have not yet come up with a name for them. At the moment, they want to call them ligooxifilami, which in Latin means “little oxygen lovers”.

Our world is amazing and diverse in it.everything is possible, so the question is: what do you think, in what other extreme conditions can living organisms exist? Write your bold assumptions in the comments, or in our Telegram-chat.