On the battlefield, smartphones will give out positions of opponents (3 photos)

Mobile applications can be quiteuseful to the military. Specialists from St. Louis University have developed a new system that allows during the battle to determine the coordinates of the enemy using a smartphone.

To protect your eardrums from noisyexplosions and shots, for the military, there are special earbud headphones. Outside and inside of them, miniature microphones are built in to allow the colleagues to vote, while blocking the loud sounds with an electronic filter. These headphones protect the ears of the military, but interfere in clarifying the position of the enemy shooting.

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This problem was solved by engineersSt. Louis University. The development of technology they based on a simple fact: modern weapons when shooting produces 2 waves. Shock supersonic propagates in front of a bullet in the form of a cone. The second wave spreads from the weapon itself in the form of a sphere and in all directions. With the help of microphones placed in headphones, the system determines the amount of delay between the waves, more precisely, between the achievements of the soldier’s ears. Bluetooth data is sent to the smartphone. There, the mobile application uses special algorithms to determine the direction of the waves, and hence the direction to the point where the shooter is located. That it is displayed on the screen with a map of the area.

As engineers say, if at the base of the smartphonea decent processor, it takes about half a second to calculate the trajectory. The development has already been tested in the field. According to the plans of the authors of the project, the soldiers should start using it after about 2 years.