On the additional small screen Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra launched the game (video)

The flagship launched more than a month agoXiaomi Mi11 Ultra, in addition to a unique camera unit, is equipped with a second information AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1.1 inches (126 × 294). An additional display built into the main camera unit is intended for receiving notifications, information about the battery charge, taking selfies and other functions. However, enthusiasts decided to use the tiny screen for solving unconventional tasks, in particular for launching mobile gaming applications.

A video report appeared on the Chinese Weibo network aboutthe possibility of using the small screen of the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra to play the popular multiplayer MOBA game King of Glory. In the video, the enthusiast demonstrates the ability to display the smartphone desktop on the small screen and launch some applications, including watching a video. At the end of the short video, the user played the game King of Glory. It is noteworthy that the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra uses a screen similar to that installed in the Mi Band 5 tracker as an additional display.

Use a tiny screen in a challenging gamerather difficult, but the specialist was able to prove the possibility of using an additional display when solving non-traditional tasks. It remains to expect the launch of the Doom game on a miniature display, which enthusiasts are actively launching on various non-traditional devices, up to pregnancy tests and smart watches.