On sale. Reader PocketBook 617, also known as PocketBook Basic Lux 3

We had news about the PocketBook 617 reader a week ago. It was then that this device appeared on sale in Ukraine. Well, two more things happened in the past week.

1. The reader has reached our Russian market.Already on sale in the company store. It costs ₽9999 ($130), i.e. exactly the same as the neighbors. The local price is ₴3,699 (₽10,000, $131).

2. The reader has reached Europe. (Spain, Italy, Switzerland). True, under a different name. PocketBook Basic Lux 3. What's with the prices is still unclear. Or am I just looking bad?

Let me remind you that PocketBook 617 is an update2018 PocketBook 616 models. Added RAM, installed a Wi-Fi module. The backlight of the screen has been replaced - now it has an adjustable color temperature. Appearance and other characteristics, apparently, remained the same.

A few words about the characteristics.

Classic six inch ink screen(E-Ink Card). The resolution is low, only 758×1024 (212 ppi). Branded backlight is called SMARTlight. The screen is not touch-sensitive, for control it is necessary to use a pair of buttons located under the screen and a “joystick” living between them.

Little about the brand of used PocketBook chipsetwhat he says. Two cores, 1 GHz. But we don’t have a gluttonous Android here, but branded software based on Linux. And on it for such a trivial operation as reading, and such iron is quite enough.

Memory. 512 MB of operational, impressive by the standards of readers 8 GB permanent. Yes, and support for memory cards is available.

The battery has a capacity of 1300 mAh, which is also very good by the standards of economical readers.

There is a Wi-Fi module. It is unlikely that you will use it for browsing the Internet, but it is quite possible to buy a book or two with it in a company store.

USB ancient, Micro. There is no audio support.

The delivery set is quite modest, nocharger, no case. Charger - God bless him, this stuff has long been in bulk for everyone. But the cover will obviously have to be purchased separately. Readers without covers are not residents. (PocketBook claims that cases from PocketBook 616 will do).

Well, for comparison.The “ancestor” PocketBook 616 is now in the company store ₽8999 ($117), i.е. a thousand rubles cheaper. But you can find even a little cheaper. The best price I see right now is in the DNS. ₽8350 ($109).

Main characteristics of PocketBook 617 (Basic Lux 3):

Screen gradation of gray, E-Ink, 6″, 758×1024, 212 ppi, 16 colors, backlight, Carta, SMARTlight
Hardware1 GHz, 2 cores
MemoryRAM 512 MB, ROM 8 GB, Micro-SD up to 32 GB
Battery Li-Pol, 1300 mAh
Dimensions161.3 x 108 x 8 mm
Weight155 g
OS Linux (3.10.65)
USBMicro v2.0

George Kiselyov