On all four sides: Xiaomi patents a smartphone with a curved screen

Resource Letsgodigital dug out another interesting patent application. From Xiaomi. On a smartphone with a curved screen.

On the one hand, it is dupe. And from two is also not news, but in Xiami went further, and bent the screen from all four sides. It turned out like this:

Letsgodigital illustration

The illustration in the patent application itself is as follows:

It shows that the issue of placing the frontCamera in front of the designer was not set. Maybe it will not be at all. Or maybe it will be built into the screen just like a fingerprint scanner is built into it. Such technology is being developed.

Speaking speaker with this screen just goesunder the knife - the sound should be transmitted through the glass of the screen. The idea has already been implemented more than once, but so far, the quality of the sound is very powerful and is not very popular with manufacturers.

Tatyana Kobelskaya