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Omsk ritual service will wish deceased relatives a Happy New Year

The residents of Omsk were offered an unusual service,allowing contact with untimely passed away relatives, friends and acquaintances. The original communication is carried out by the Omsk Union of Ritual Organizations "Heritage" with the help of the fictional character "Dead Morose".

"Gloomy and dead" interlocutor will help clientsto communicate with deceased relatives, will provide a kind of psychological relief and alleviate the pain of the loss of loved ones. To congratulate the dead, you just need to write an email to Dead Morose. At the same time, not a single letter will remain unanswered - Dead Morose will "talk" with deceased relatives and send a response to the return address.

The Heritage agency reported that all letterswill be processed by real living people who have experience of communicating with the relatives of the deceased and are able to calm people experiencing the bitterness of loss. After the reply, all letters will be deleted and will not be published anywhere. Today, representatives of the agency said that the service is very popular, and new letters are constantly received in the name of Dead Morose.

Dead Morose can be contacted by email: [email protected]

Source: nasledie-ritual