Olympics 2020 will be served by robots from Toyota (4 photos)

At the Olympic and Paralympic Games, whichwill be held in 2020 in Tokyo, volunteers familiar to us will be ousted by various robots. The devices will be able to meet visitors, help them, take pictures, will help people who are not mobile and so on.

Someity and Miraitowa - two main robots from Toyota, they are realmascots next year games. Robots will be at all major events, meeting guests and taking photos. Their eyes can move as well as demonstrate reactions to people. The devices are also capable of moving legs and arms. The manufacturer wants to distribute such talismans that look like toys throughout Japan. So residents of remote cities will be able to join the international event held in their country.

Toyota has a humanoid robot T-HR3 with similar features. He will attend major events, broadcasting them with sound and video. This robot will also help viewers to communicate with athletes. T-tr1one more robot will allow athletes andfans communicate remotely. We are talking about a kind of large display on wheels, supplemented by speakers, camera and microphones. All this equipment will allow people from other cities to at least attend the Olympics and communicate with participants and eyewitnesses.

For the stands, their 2 robots are provided: delivery man DSR (Delivery Support Robot) and assistant HSR (Human Support Robot). The first will replace people and will carry food anddrinks at the stadium. A special tablet will allow you to order food and drinks, which should bring a deliveryman. The assistant will orient the viewers in sectors and personal places, deliver small things such as souvenirs, and also be able to provide assistance to people who have difficulties in moving independently.

A field support robot has also been created to help athletes - FSR (Field Support Robot). It will autonomously move around the field, delivering sports equipment abandoned by an athlete at least to the other end of the course.