Olo will perform a clinical blood test in 10 minutes (6 photos)

Sight Diagnostics - a company from Israel,presented a unique machine the size of a small desktop printer. Olo performs an accelerated blood test using machine learning technology and computer vision. The study took place over 4 years. During this time, the device system processed 500 terabytes of data.

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Olo is based on patented technology."Digitizing" images of blood. This uses 2 drops taken from the patient and deposited on a special disposable cartridge. Built-in microscope allows you to take some photos. Further, using built-in algorithms for the recognition of pictures, different types of cells are identified and analyzed.

Identify and diagnose anemia, infections,several types of cancer device will be able in 10 minutes. In addition to taking a sample, everything is performed by Olo independently, so that his operator does not need a special qualification. All doctors will be able to use the device right in their office, without referring patients to laboratories and not waiting for results up to several days.

Clinical trials of the device were conducted inlast year, almost three hundred people. The development of Sight Diagnostics was approved by an Israeli regulator and even received European CE marking. So, Olo also complies with the requirements of EU regulators. Company executives note that their device will soon be used in the offices of private doctors and in public hospitals throughout Europe. The cost of the portable device, its components (disposable cartridges) and maintenance is not reported.