Olive Pro - wireless headphones and hearing aid in one device (video)

People with hearing problems will be able toTake advantage of a unique offering from South Korea's Olive Union, with an office in the United States, a research center in Japan and manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, the Olive Pro, a wireless headphone and hearing aid device.

Olive Pro compact headphones can expandthe spectrum of acoustic perception of people with hearing impairments. According to the developers, artificial intelligence is used to improve the efficiency of the hearing aid while filtering out extraneous noise and improving the quality of music sounds.

Autonomous work of headphones with a battery,placed in the box (the traditional scheme for wireless headphones) is 18 hours. To start using the Olive Pro, you need to spend no more than five minutes pre-setting an individual sound profile. Artificial intelligence will highlight and amplify sounds identified as important to the user and suppress unwanted sounds. Technically, the Olive Pro is capable of capturing, identifying and filtering up to 99.8% of all ambient sounds.

Using the novelty from Olive Unionwill return people with hearing impairments to a full life and at the same time will significantly save money, since Olive Pro, firstly, costs significantly less than similar hearing aids, and secondly, it can function as standard acoustic headphones.

Olive Pro is currently on display atcrowdfunding platform Indiegogo and three weeks before completion has already collected over 220 thousand dollars with the necessary 20 thousand to get started. For just $ 149, you can pre-order the Olive Pro, which will begin shipping in early 2021. The Olive Pro will retail for around $ 300.

Source: indiegogo