Old iPhone and iPad urgently need to update the OS to version iOS 10.3.4

Only a few days remain until November 3, forwhich users working with the fourth-generation iPhone 5 and iPad must definitely update the operating system to iOS 10.3.4. Otherwise, according to Apple’s technical support, the devices will not be able to work with GPS, go online, receive notifications and email .

An update is needed to resolve a problem withcounting the date in the GPS system, which transmits data from satellites in 10-bit form. The numbers change weekly, which results in a reset of the clock once every 1024 weeks, which is approximately 19.7 years.
This problem is resolved in new devices, however, smartphones of the iPhone 5 class require updating the operating system, which eliminates the contradictions in calculating the date.

In case iOS 10.3.4 will not be installed, not only smartphone navigation will suffer, but the App Store, iCloud, e-mail and web browsing will become inaccessible - all applications that use the exact time and location of objects in their work.

Source: thenextweb