Ogarden - home bed in a wheel (7 pics + video)

Lack of personal infield does notable to stop those who truly want to eat organic food grown with his own hands. Homemade greenhouses and pots have repeatedly appeared on the market, but OGarden differs from all of them not only in its original form, but also in its performance. The unique device-wheel helps to organize a neat and stylish garden, providing the plants with everything they need.

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Capsules are used as soil in OGarden.from peat. You need to germinate seeds outside, then seedlings are transferred inside the wheel. Through the holes provided in the rim of the unusual and at the same time stylish new items, you can supply water and fertilizer. LED backlight creates all the conditions for high-quality photosynthesis.

Round shape OGarden, as the developers assure,increases the resilience of plants and, accordingly, their yield. And the price of a novelty in € 897 will pay for itself at the expense of an economical consumption of water, electricity and personal time spent by the user. In addition, the gadget can be an incredibly attractive always-changing element of the decor of the kitchen or other room. The authors of the device suggest planting a number of edible plants, as well as bushes of cherry tomatoes, but we think you can grow your own flower bed with flowers.

Source: Ogarden