Official image of the fitness bracelet Mi Band 6 revealed (2 photos)

In the coming months, Xiaomi will bring tothe market for the next model of fitness bracelets Mi Band 6. In the recent financial report of the company Huami, engaged in the development and production of the world's most popular smart bracelets, announced the launch of the sixth series of devices in mass production. Now a photo of a real Mi Band 6 device has been discovered on the official Xiaomi website.

The image appeared in the section "DeclarationsEU Declaration of Conformity on Xiaomi's website, where the device is classified under the name Mi_SmartBand_6-XMSH15HM. The technical documentation and the image do not allow you to get a full picture of the design of the future fitness bracelet, since the photo shows only a side view of the device. In addition to the bracelet itself, you can also see the charger in the photo, which, as in the previous Band 5 model, will work using a magnetic connection.

According to insider information, future fitnessthe Mi Band 6 bracelet will be equipped with a larger display than the Band 5, will support work with the voice assistant Alexa, and will be able to control over 30 physical activity modes. An important feature for the era of the coronavirus pandemic will be the function of monitoring the level of blood oxygen saturation. In addition, the device will be able to respond to messages in such popular messengers as WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. Considering that the Band 5 was unveiled in June last year, the official release of the Mi Band 6 isn't long.