Oclean Xpro - the smart assistant in dental care

If you want to properly care for your teeth, then you must follow some rules.

According to research, brushing your teeth can not only cleanse your mouth of food debris but also improve dental health.

However, many are wondering:“If I brush my teeth well, then why is the problem still not being solved?” This is due to missed brushing, excessive force and too short brushing times. Not only will this not solve your problem, but it can also hurt. If you want to properly care for your teeth, there are some rules to follow.

There are four common teeth brushing mistakes: skipping critical areas, brushing only the front of the tooth, excessive brushing force, and too short brushing times.

Among these mistakes, skipping toothbrushing is the mostdangerous. If you don't brush your teeth regularly, bacteria will erode tooth enamel and lead to decay. Brushing too hard can easily damage your gums and enamel. If you brush your teeth for a short time, then the toothpaste has no effect.

All of these bugs cause tooth decay, tooth enamel decay, and gum disease.

Oclean Xpro can solve all of the above problems and help users develop good brushing habits. Oclean Xpro has been called the intelligent assistant by many.

For Oclean Xpro, a specialan application that pairs with a device via Bluetooth. After logging into the app and registering, the system will create a unique brushing mode, adjusting the brushing time, intensity and strength especially for you.

Xpro will monitor your oral health inaccording to the brushing plan, including professional brushing, time control, pressure measurement, and monitoring and evaluation of the brushing situation.

If you suddenly apply too much pressure with the brush toteeth, the program will immediately inform you about this, and rebuild the cleaning plan so as not to damage the enamel of the teeth. With long-term tracking and data storage, Oclean Xpro will provide valuable advice to teach you how to truly brush your teeth.

The Oclean Xpro body is equipped with sensors that independently collect all information about the oral cavity. If you miss an area, you will immediately see it on the touch screen.

Oclean Xpro will give you valuable advice and teach you every daytake proper care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Over time, you will develop good habits that will only help you shorten your dental visits by making them only preventative.