OBSBOT Tail - action camera tracking the subject (9 photos + 2 video)

OBSBOT Tail video camera uses artificialintelligence to constantly shoot objects in motion. If you are in a skate park, doing the best moves in the ballroom or recording another cute video of a child or a puppy, you just need to use Obsbot Tail so as not to miss a single minute of action.

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This 12.4 megapixel camera in the form of a tube of size 7.The 3 x 3.3-inch lens has an optical zoom lens and is mounted on its own 3-axis motorized gimbal. On the other hand, sensors in front track the object, allowing Obsbot Tail to shoot 4K UHD video at 60 fps in HDR10 quality.

In addition, users can usea large number of shooting modes controlled by AI. You can configure more than 20 movements and camera functions in a mobile application. It is also possible to program a gesture control that activates certain smart device options.

The battery capacity of 1,850 mAh will allow you to shoot for 3 hours. Support dual-band Wi-Fi and microSD memory cards.

On Kickstarter, the camera costs $ 490, but the price in the store will be $ 719. On the shelves of Obsbot Tail will appear in April of this year.

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