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Obesity May Be An Indicator Of Early Aging

According to statistics, about two billionpeople in the world are overweight or obese, and it is known that this indicator has almost tripled since 1975. In order to understand the reasons that led humanity to a real epidemic of obesity, scientists conducted a new study, the results of which were published on the portal So, according to them, being overweight is a form of premature aging, which threatens our health and significantly reduces our lives.

Obesity May Be A Sign Of Early Aging

Excess Weight Ages The Body

Everyone knows that obesity is very overweight is fraught with the occurrence of diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, chronic venous insufficiency and even heart attack. Be that as it may, the percentage of people suffering from excess weight is constantly increasing, currently making up 30% of the total population of the planet. Children are considered the most susceptible to the disease, whose share in the overall statistics has increased more than 10 times over the past few decades.

Clinical nutritionist Sylvia Santos fromConcordia University in Canada, which studies the effect of excess weight on the human body, argues that the mechanisms by which a number of concomitant diseases associated with obesity and aging develop are very similar. In her new work, the specialist examined more than 200 studies studying the consequences of gaining excess weight, from cellular and molecular effects to the effects of this condition on the immune system and cognitive abilities of an individual.

As a result of the analysis, it turned out thatobesity, from the point of view of the harm it causes to health, is actually a mirror of aging and has the same set of chronic diseases that we usually associate with old age.

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Although experts say obesityaccelerates aging, they don’t really assume that aging and being overweight are literally the same thing. In this case, the parallels between these two concepts suggest that, from the point of view of pathology, both conditions are only “two sides of the same coin”.

Diseases that affect overweight people are similar to the set of diseases that usually appears only in old age

When asked about the reasons for launching similar in bothcases of diseases, the researchers say that the main triggers in the appearance of diseases can be the occurrence of mitochondrial dysfunction based on obesity, the weakening of the reaction of the immune system and the appearance of systemic inflammations. Another option may be the effect of telomere shortening resulting from obesity, which act as protective caps at the ends of DNA strands and are directly related to longevity.

In order to solve a pressing problemglobal health, future researchers may have to rethink the context of the problem that arose before humanity. Given the chronic severity of the obesity epidemic, new methods for treating the disease may offer good prospects for the overall health of humanity. Researchers also hope that their findings on the effects of early aging will help them motivate people to start healthy diets.