O-Clock: an unusual clock for every home

Engineer and designer Hans Anderson designed the O-Clock on the Arduino Nano platform.

The created device is a unique clock, consisting of six segments, each of which has an optical fiber.

The Arduino system controls the backlight, and the RTC DS3231 module is responsible for the accuracy of the time.

Of the classic, this clock has only the shape of a “dial”, all the details, though individually, do not represent anything complicated, but together they form an unusual wall clock.

The three colors of neon illumination indicate hours, minutes and seconds. For example, red indicates hours, green indicates minutes, and blue indicates seconds.

Judging by the instructions that the engineer posted in the public domain, all parts can be ordered to your home with delivery from almost any electronics store.

The case is the only thing that Hans printed on3D printer. Hidden underneath is an LED strip that supplies light to a side-section fiber optic. Thanks to this, not only the “dial” is lit, but after 60 divisions the light is supplied to the wall, thus indicating what time it is.

The watch also has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the intensity of the LEDs.

According to Anderson, he was inspired to create the O-Clock by the fact that ordinary watches are too boring, and he does not like the existing alternative models.