NVIDIA will introduce new technologies in old games (video)

The history of computer games already countsseveral decades and some "progenitors" of the gaming industry are significantly superior to modern games in terms of gameplay quality and scenario logic. However, the graphics capabilities of modern gaming platforms far exceed applications from the distant 90s of the last century.

An attempt has recently been made to integrateray tracing technology into the unforgettable hit Quake 2, which created standards for shooters, but no longer corresponded to the level of modern technology (released in 1997). The trial attempt was so successful that NVIDIA decided to create a special unit at Lightspeed Studios to incorporate modern technology into a number of popular games of the past.

According to experts after a great startQuake 2 RTX, the best option would be to incorporate Ray Tracing effects into such masterpieces of the gaming industry as Unreal and Doom 3. Considering the fact that Doom 3 once received advanced technologies for screen shadowing and dynamic lighting, the introduction of ray tracing can lead to the creation of awesome effects.

At this time, according to NVIDIA employeesLightspeed Studios is already working on a game "that we all know and love." However, the developers carefully hide the name of the next gaming masterpiece from the past, which will impress gamers with modern visual technologies.

Source: dsogaming