NVIDIA will allow you to play new video games on low-power computers (5 photos)

Developers of modern video games are fewworry about the owners of old or weak computers, which does not allow a large number of gamers to master new games demanding on the performance of machine cars. NVIDIA came to the rescue and presented in Moscow a new service that allows you to run powerful games on low-end computers.

New GeForce Now Service Compatible with ServicesSteam, Uplay and and independently configures games, focusing on the user's computer, to create the most comfortable game conditions.

For Now Internet Speed ​​At GeForce Now Lowrequirements, so even with a data transfer rate of 25 Mbps, you can set the maximum graphic settings to get a resolution of 1080p with 60 frames per second. The service works both under Windows and on computers with macOS or Linux operating systems. However, developers are advised to use a speed of at least 50 Mbps.

In addition to these services, GeForce Nowsupports working with games purchased by users. There are currently hundreds of games in the library. The subscription cost is 999 rubles per month, for 6 months you will have to pay 4999 rubles, and the annual subscription will cost 9999 rubles.