NVIDIA warns of critical vulnerability of graphics cards

NVIDIA has distributed an urgentwarning about detected vulnerabilities in GeForce, Quadro and Tesla video card models. To eliminate the problem, owners of devices with such GPUs should update the drivers.

In total, five vulnerabilities were identified thatpresent in all drivers for GeForce graphics cards (up to 431.60). The most dangerous vulnerability (CVE-2019-5683) has a rating of 8.8 points and will allow a hacker to execute code, cause a denial of service and establish privileges. Vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-5684 and CVE-2019-5685) perform the same actions only through DirectX. Computers that run Windows 7 or higher are at risk.

New GeForce drivers version 431.60 are on the official NVIDIA website. For Quadro and Tesla, you need to download your own drivers, and for versions R418 or R400, the update will arrive only on August 12 and 19.

Optimism is inspired by the fact that for hacking an attacker needs local access to the system, which means that he must be present nearby.