Nvidia announced the reason for the melting of the RTX 4090 power connector (2 photos)

Previously, the Youtube channel GamersNexus came to the conclusion that the RTX 4090 video cards are melting due to the power cable not being fully plugged in. After a couple of weeks of investigations, Nvidia confirmed this reason.

Nvidia stated in its post that it is stillinvestigates the reports, but her findings "suggest" that an unreliable connector was a common problem. Nvidia's post includes a photo of what the connector looks like when it's not fully plugged in

Nvidia flagship card uses like thiscalled the 12VHPWR power connector is a new standard that is not supported by most power supplies already installed in a PC. For this reason, an adapter is included in the scope of delivery. In early reports, users blamed the adapter, with some saying that the melted cable also damaged their $1,599 GPU.

Of course, Nvidia doesn't say outright that this is a bug.user, but this is implied in the message. This also seems like a very convenient explanation, since people have been suggesting for almost a month that the problem is caused by something more complex, like poor soldering or wires that are too small to reliably handle the huge amount of power passing through.

GamersNexus came to this earlier this weeksame conclusion as Nvidia. The craftsmen checked the damaged adapters submitted by users and did extensive testing and filed a problem report. According to them, there are wear lines on the connectors, which means that they were not fully inserted into the socket.

Source: nvidia