Nvidia and Asus announce a 360 Hz monitor designed for e-sports (3 photos)

The growing industry of online computer games,eSports tournaments require continuous improvement of user equipment and, first of all, the technical characteristics of monitors on which virtual battles take place. ASUS demonstrated as a April joke a year ago, a screen with a refresh rate of 360 Hz proved that in every joke there is some truth.

In early 2020, at CES 2020, ASUS and NVIDIA introduced the world's first real-life gaming monitor for e-sportsmen, supporting a 360 Hz update and NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

According to the developers in the new Asus monitorROG Swift 360Hz created a condition for working “without jerking”, which shows a 37% improvement in smooth image change compared to a standard monitor with a frequency of 60 Hz. Gaming monitors are currently characterized by an update with a frequency of 144 Hz or 240 Hz, and to prove the benefits of the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz one still needs to pass real testing.

However, developers report that the increasefrequency should provide a more comfortable gameplay, reducing delays, eliminating ghosting. It is envisaged that the frame change time will be reduced by almost 6 times in comparison with standard monitors, to 2.8 ms.

In the development of Asus ROG Swift 360Hz participatedAsus and Nvidia developers, which made it possible to create a monitor with a diagonal of 24.5 inches, a resolution of Full HD 1920x1080. For these purposes, an advanced NVIDIA G-Sync processor was used. Exact technical data, specific price will be announced later in 2020.

Source: TheVerge