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Nuclear war scenarios - how the apocalypse will happen

With the end of the cold confrontation between the USSR and the USAthe world exhaled calmly, as the threat of nuclear war, as many believed, was forever behind. At some point, countries even began to actively reduce armaments, and the very idea of ​​the possibility of a nuclear conflict seemed like a relic of the past. But, unfortunately, the situation has changed, as if the world had returned 50-60 years ago. Now we are increasingly hearing from military experts and even politicians about the threat of nuclear war. And it seems that these are not empty words, according to a report from the Stockholm Institute for Peace Research, the risk of nuclear war is currently the highest since the Cold War. Some experts have even predicted scenarios for the escalation of the conflict between Russia and the United States.

Experts told how a nuclear war could start


  • 1 Use of nuclear weapons in the Black Sea
  • 2 Nuclear war 2022 is the most likely scenario
  • 3 Russia's nuclear attack on the US
  • 4 US nuclear war with Russia - what it could be

Use of nuclear weapons in the Black Sea

According to American military expert JosephSirincione on his Twitter, Russia can detonate a nuclear weapon in the Black Sea. This will not lead to any destruction or casualties, but will only be an act of intimidation.

Explosion of a nuclear bomb over the Black Sea - the safest scenario

This is the safest scenario since nomilitary reaction from the West in this case will not follow. But, in any case, this will be another step towards escalation, because Western countries will certainly increase assistance to Ukraine, as well as introduce new sanctions against Russia. True, such a scenario still seems unlikely and even meaningless.

Nuclear war 2022 is the most likely scenario

Most Western experts agree onthe opinion that the most likely scenario for the use of nuclear weapons is a Russian strike against strategic facilities in Ukraine or one of the NATO countries. But, according to SWI, in this case, Russia is likely to use tactical nuclear weapons. The fact is that the launch of ballistic nuclear missiles will be misinterpreted by US early warning systems, causing America to perceive this as the start of a war and launch a nuclear retaliatory strike.

The use of tactical nuclear weaponseliminates such risks. In addition, the use of such weapons carries less danger to the environment and, of course, will lead to fewer casualties. Further development of events depends on the reaction of the West. It is quite possible that the conflict will flare up and eventually lead to a nuclear war with the use of strategic weapons.

Western experts believe that Russia can use tactical nuclear weapons

Some media even reported thatBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened Russia with a retaliatory nuclear strike if nuclear weapons were used in Ukraine. True, as the Daily Mail later reported, as well as a number of other Western media, Boris Johnson did not make such statements. But, as they say, "an unpleasant aftertaste remained."

It must be said that tactical nuclear weapons,although much weaker than the strategic one, it can still lead to catastrophic consequences. Since the first use of nuclear weapons in 1945, nuclear technology has come a long way. Modern weapons have become much more compact and powerful.

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Tactical nuclear weapons in terms of their powercomparable to the bombs that were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If it is applied in Ukraine, it will most likely lead to a military response from NATO. True, according to analysts, Western countries will try to limit themselves to a ground operation. But even then, the risk of a nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States would be incredibly high.

How likely is the use of nuclearweapons in Ukraine? The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly reported that the Russian Federation does not intend to use nuclear weapons. In addition, doing everything possible to avoid a nuclear conflict.

The exchange of nuclear strikes between Russia and NATO countries will lead to a catastrophe on a planetary scale

Russian nuclear attack on the US

Even now, when relations between countriesheated up, such a scenario seems extremely unlikely. However, it cannot be completely ruled out. For example, at a meeting with members of the Council of Legislators, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of a lightning-fast response from the Russian Federation if someone intervenes in the situation in Ukraine from outside.

Moreover, the President added that for this there will betools are involved that other countries do not have. Obviously, we are talking about hypersonic missiles such as the Zircon, as well as the Poseidon torpedo and the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile and other advanced weapons.

This scenario is the most dangerous. Some cities in Russia and the United States will be destroyed in the first half hour of the war. The consequences for the whole world will be catastrophic, as we talked about earlier.

90,000 people will die in the first hours of a nuclear war

US nuclear war with Russia - what it can be

SGS specialists simulated the exchangenuclear strikes between Russia and NATO countries. At the same time, they took into account the nuclear potential of both countries, the most likely targets, the power of modern nuclear weapons, and a number of other data. According to this model, over 90 million people will die or be seriously injured within the first few hours.

First of all, Europe and Russia will suffer from a nuclear strike. Then the next phase will begin, in which there will be an exchange of nuclear strikes between Russia and the United States.

Will there be a nuclear war in 2022 ornext few years? Despite the current situation, the probability is still not high. We see that countries are making efforts to avoid escalation. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that events will develop uncontrollably. Therefore, we recommend that you find out for yourself what to do in the event of a nuclear explosion.