NuBike futuristic chainless bike (4 pics + video)

The Kickstarter platform continues to raise funds for the production of a fundamentally new bicycle. The rider transfers the force to the wheel, using not pedaling, but alternately pressing the pedals.

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The inventor came to the idea of ​​a bicycle withoutchains, observing the torment of cyclists when changing and repairing dirty chain gears. According to the engineer, in its design uses modern materials to facilitate the device. In addition, NuBike requires less effort when driving, which leads to a reduction in injuries of the knees, ankles and hips.

Simple design enhances the reliability of the mechanismand simplifies repairs. Standard NuBike version will be offered with 4 gears. Simple and quick dismounting of the rear wheel is convenient both when storing a bicycle and when transporting it.

The use of carbon fiber helpeddevelopers reduce the mass of the frame to 1.3 kg, and the total mass of the NuBike is only 10 kg. The design was carried out using computer simulation and allows in the future to reduce the total weight of the bike to 2 kg. When testing the models, 3D printing was used, which ensured a quick response to the change of parts. All materials and technological processes in production comply with aerospace industry standards.

It should be noted that currently the projectcollected only 3,916 dollars out of the required 34,7000 dollars. Given the expensive cost of the model, about $ 3,600, such a bike is unlikely to be widely distributed.