NtechLab will release a system that recognizes the faces of shopping center visitors

Watcom Group is an analytical company thatevaluates visitor flows in stores and shopping centers. Recently, the company signed a cooperation agreement with NtechLab, which develops systems that recognize faces, including the recently closed FindFace service. In accordance with this document, the developer will create a technology for collecting data on visitors for retailers and shopping centers, based on face recognition algorithms.

Terms of cooperation by the partiesare revealed. According to Mikhail Burmistrov, who heads Infoline-Analytics, the cost of developing such a system could be 30 - 100 million rubles. A small hypermarket or shopping center can cost a product of 15 million rubles.

Roman Skorokhodov, who heads the Watcom Group,He told reporters that the system under discussion will help to accurately calculate the flow, the number of repeat visits, as well as the conversion from visitor to buyer. The technology will help sellers not only analyze the age, gender and customer experience, but also monitor employees as well as identify unwanted visitors.

As emphasized in the company, information about peoplethey will begin to collect impersonal, although experts have doubted this. Nikita Kulikov, who founded the Law of the Robots ANO at the time, suggested that the Watcom Group would most likely want to get additional data about people — and this will not cause any difficulties.

At the same time, he recognized the legality of the use of systemsface recognition (anyway, at the moment). Kulikov noted that in recent times there are many types of information that are not indicated in the law protecting personal data.

He believes that the data collected by the newmethodology, retailers will use to increase profits. Real data owners will not benefit from this at all. And the situation may well interest Roskomnadzor.

Although it is worth noting that retailers, regardless of developments, tend to follow customers. The new product of interest is Lenta and M.Video-Eldorado.