Now 911 rescue service will find the caller anywhere (3 photos)

For emergency response criticalthe task is to accurately position the source who made the call. Therefore, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States proposes to introduce new rules for all mobile service providers, obliging to provide emergency services 911 more detailed data on the calling users.

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According to new requirements, operators are requiredprovide not only accurate positioning in the plane, but also data on the height of the victim. The new rules will take effect in April 2021. Currently, mobile operators and Internet providers are already obliged to provide to call centers 911 the maximum possible information about the user: address, house or apartment number.

According to the new rules, user positioningis determined with an accuracy of plus minus three meters. Moreover, this indicator includes the location of the caller and the vertical axis of coordinates. Such rules will help the emergency service to clearly navigate when searching for victims in multi-level centers or high-rise buildings.