Nothing Phone 1 tested for strength (video)

Yesterday, the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone was disassembled and tested for maintainability, and today it was tested for strength when dropped from a great height.

The front and back of Nothing Phone 1 is covered flattempered glass Gorilla Glass 5, and in the center it has an aluminum frame. Appearance is extremely important for this device, because it has become a distinctive feature of the novelty. Recall that the smartphone has a transparent back cover, which hides a unique LED backlight.

Fall screen down from a height at waist levelsmartphone survived with minor scratches on the metal frame. The next blow fell on the lower frame, due to which the factory protective film peeled off a little on the screen - also uncritical. But the fall on the “back” turned out to be fatal - the glass cover acquired a “spider web” of cracks. Perhaps the reason for this was the protruding cameras. This was followed by a fall with the screen down from a height at chest level - the glass still could not stand it and cracked.

To protect the smartphone from such cases, the manufacturer has released tempered glass on the screen and a transparent case made of durable polycarbonate.